Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Today is a good day to introduce one of my favorite felines... Monty.  She is a beautiful 12 year old domestic who stole my heart at just 6 weeks old.  

When I first brought her home, Monty didn't even know how to groom herself. She hid under the couch for days.  But, with the help of Molly, my first kitty, and many loving college students, Monty quickly became the belle of the ball. 

She has always been a big cat.  She is long and tall, and at her heaviest weighed just over 18 lbs.  She was never fat, just big.  We all like to think that we carry that extra weight well... she did.  

This winter, Monty started getting skinny and was licking some fur off.  We didn't really think anything of it.  I mean, she is 12 years old.  When cats get old, they lose weight, act weird, and become difficult.  Normal.  This week, though, mom and I talked about how very skinny Monty had become.  And she's licked fur off to the skin. And has been tossing up a lot of hairballs.  Off to the vet we go...

Lucky for me, Monty is very well-adjusted.  She had no problem crawling into the old, dusty, pee-smelling cat carrier.  She just meowed the entire time.  Normal for her. (And good motivation for me to order a new cat carrier. Any recommendations?)

After 2 hours at the vet clinic and about $200, Monty has been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism.  Huh?  

Come to find out, hyperthyroidism is fairly common in cats over 10 years old.  It is an increase in the production of the thyroid hormones.  It causes her to burn the fuel (food) that she takes in at an unhealthy rate.  No matter how much she ate, which was a lot, she was still losing weight and muscle mass.  Again... huh?  

Our wonderful veterinarian sees this often and thinks that Monty will get better with a change in cat food.  Let's hope. 'Cause it's a real bitch to "pill" her, apply topical meds, and, god forbid, try to give her injections.  Even skinny, this girl is strong and won't go for it.

We expect a full recovery.  Monty is such a loving, busy-body cat when she feels good.  I just can't imagine losing her now. 

(please ignore the dead plant)

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Poor kitty!


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