Monday, January 16, 2017

Blog this, blog that.

This fall I stopped posting on My Medley because I found that it is much easier and quicker to post images to Instagram for the card challenges I participate in. Lazy? Maybe.  Really, though, I just don't make enough time to craft regularly and then to talk about it here. Working weekends throws me for a loop sometimes, even though I only work 1-2 weekend days per month. Sometimes the commitments, events, hobbies, and don't forget scheduling in time to just RELAX, can be overwhelming for this girl. 

But, lately, I've been coming up with things that I want to share here... 

So many things, that I have a list. A list of the most random things that pop into my head that I cannot get off my mind and have to share somewhere with someone. Guess what? That's you! 

To start off, let's talk about grammar.

Yup, grammar. It's important if you consider yourself knowledgeable enough to share with others via the written word. Sure, I understand that the average Joe who posts or tweets on occasion may not consider themselves experts and may not care if their grammar is correct. But, Blogging Bonnie, Facebook Frank, and Tweeting Tiffany, who consider themselves experts, have a huge social media presence, and just might be making money online, need to pay attention to what they are writing. Learn to use a grammar and/or spellcheck! For the love of Pete, just proofread before you post!

I see funny memes like this one (below) cross my Facebook feed regularly. There are hundreds. Thousands, maybe. Some are hysterical.  Some are crazy. Some are stupid.  All make me shake my head in disbelief. You can see more of them here.  

Why is this at the top of my list? Not even considering what I see on Facebook, the amount of poor grammar that is published on popular blogs drives me crazy! Especially when I see that they have large numbers of followers/readers.   And when they have reputable companies who are paying to advertise on these blogs (that's on the list too).  And, this is the tip of the iceberg for me, when a blogger who has poor grammar wins a blogging award or is highlighted on a well-known media outlet (another blog, tv, magazine, etc).  

Come on people! Proofread before you post! Run the spellcheck!

Rant over.  Now to start crafting! 


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