Friday, January 8, 2016


Eighteen months ago, everything changed at our house...  I unexpectedly brought home a Boxador puppy from the Buda Wiener Dog Festival and BBQ Cookoff.  We were there for the BBQ Cookoff, not to adopt a new puppy. 


But Monkey (aka MonkeyDoo, Pumpkinhead, Chickenhead or Wiggles) quickly became a part of our family, which, by the way, is just BR and I.  And the 2
dogs and 3 cats we already had at home.  

She even wiggled her way into Levi and Pup's hearts after some time.

We're still working on the cats, though. 

Life has been pretty topsy-turvy since bringing Monkey home. I quickly learned that life with puppy is not always easy! But, with lots of training, attention and love, she's finally come into her own at 2 years old. Granted, she is still quite a handful sometimes.  But overall, she's a real joy!  

I'm sure you'll see Monkey, Levi, Pup, Molly, Monty and Rebar pop up in My Medley every once in a while. 

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At January 8, 2016 at 6:13 PM , Blogger KaHolly said...

She HAS been a lot of work, but she's smart and has so much personality!


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